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The Unprecedented Success Of Revolution - 1594 Words

Mihir Shrestha Professor Brendan O’Malley World Civilization HU-103 May 7, 2017 The Unprecedented Success of Revolution No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do. In fact, many of our recent inventions, rights, political systems, and comforts have come into existence through the sweats and tears of revolution, an often chaotic and transformative event that attempts to change a nation, society, or world. And though it can be argued that revolution results in the bloodshed of masses, it is imperative to understand that self-aggrandizement of unfair leaders and unequal distribution of rights have often been the case in history when revolution is non-present. And only through revolutions such as the†¦show more content†¦For instance, John Adams’ Wealth of Nations introduced the laws of supply-and-demand and laissez-faire (â€Å"leave alone† in French) to the world. And as the central focus of the Industrial Revolution was on the idea of capitalism and efficient mass-production through new, technological machineries, it is imperative to understand that, without the influence of the Enlightenment, the world we live in now could have been vastly disparate. And though it can again be argued that the age of Industrial Revolution did more harm than good through its pollution and mundane factory working lifestyles, one must understand that great triumphs and achievements are only fulfilled through trial-and-error. The pollution and introduction of new, mundane factory lifestyles were only the beginning of an experiment on a new technologically-revolving world, and not necessarily the final end product of it. As an example, the first steam engine created by Thomas Savery was one of an inefficient and volatile, but working one. It was not an epitome of an engine, but it sure marked the beginning of a new era through other inventors, such as James Watt, improving it and influencing vast-and-quick railroad transportation. And as a parallel, you cannot learn how to run if you do not learn how to walk. Though the walk could be hindered b y limps and cramps, the walk could still succumb to becoming a run if the person keeps practicing with a growth-mindset.Show MoreRelatedThe Industrial Revolution : A Small Parts Of A Larger Manufacturing Development849 Words   |  4 PagesIn order to increase productivity of the fast changing economy, the Industrial Revolution presented new organizational strategies. Small parts of a much larger manufacturing development, known as outwork system were carried out in many individual homes. The outwork system was essential, especially for making footwear. The major step-forward was under the factory system. This system allowed work to be performed on a large scale in a single centralized location. A group of businessmen, Boston AssociatesRead MoreThe Communist Manifesto And The Revolution1384 Words   |  6 PagesPart B #2: The Communist Manifesto and the Revolution A revolution generally thought of as a change from the norm. According to Christopher Hill the definition of a revolution is â€Å"a complete over throw of the established government in any country or state by those who have been previously subjected to it†. Another way to think about a revolution is as an uprising caused by a group of individuals towards another group due to unfair conditions or treatment. The Communism Manifesto, written by KarlRead MoreExplaining the Holocaust1651 Words   |  7 Pagesthe Holocaust that one could reasonable describe as unprecedented, namely, the industrial speed and efficiency with which the Holocaust was carried out. In other words, while this essay argues that Laqueur is incorrect in his belief that the murderous character of German National Socialism was without precedent, it is willing to admit that this kind of murderous ideology had never before benefited from the advancement of the Industrial Revolution. For example, while the Catho lic Churchs behaviorRead MoreWar Is The Continuation Of Politics1179 Words   |  5 Pageswars are three elements that have defined success and shaped conflicts throughout Western Civilization. Disciplined soldiers have always been the core of any effective military strategy based on the employment of tactics and the effectiveness of their weapons. Superior discipline and training was an integral part of infantry training and the basis for Western success. Starting in the sixteen century European states experienced a military revolution that transformed armies into disciplined andRead MoreThe Iranian Revolution Of Iran951 Words   |  4 PagesJust months after a radical revolution upset the regime of the Iranian Shah and shook up the balance of power in Iran, Iraq invaded Iran and sparked an eight year long war that would set the tone for future relations within the region. Yet, why did this war begin? Overall, the Iranian Revolution was an unprecedented upheaval that catastrophically changed the environment of the Arab Gulf region. Unsatisfied and displeased with the pro-Western Iranian Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, the population of IranRead MoreThe Industrial Revolution And Its Impact On Society And The Business World1668 Words   |  7 PagesThe industrial revolution had a significant impact upon society and the business world. This impact is keenly felt throughout Bartleby as Herman Melville tries to illustrate the strong sense of tension and dread that manifests during the industrial revolution. The source of these sensations comes from the growing influence of technology. The industrial revolution hailed a plethora of new technology all centered on business, commerce, and productivity. However, with the increasing efficiency of technologyRead MoreImproving Low High School Reform916 Words   |  4 Pages Current Barriers Impacting your School or Organization: Today’s high school students need a very different approach to education as they face the realities and demands of a technological and global society characterized by rapid change and unprecedented diversity. The workplace already demands that individuals understand multidimensional problems, design solutions, plan their own tasks, evaluate results, and work cooperatively with others. These expectations represent a new mission for educationRead MoreU.s. Electricity Revolution And California Electricity Crisis What Should Chinese Energy Market Learn?1675 Words   |  7 PagesFin-482 Term Paper Yiming Pan 5th, DEC, 2015 Prof. Scott Wrigglesworth and Teresa Marrinan Analysis of the U.S. electricity revolution and California electricity crisis-What should Chinese Energy market learn? The energy issues have long been complicated and highly discussed for energy affects many aspects of the modern society and people’s daily lives, e.g. oil prices, energy reserves, monthly electricity bills etc. Since my father is working in the Investment and Marketing department of ChinaRead MoreThe American Revolution1542 Words   |  7 Pages In the event of the American Revolution, the general feeling of the colonists can be understood by reviewing the acts of the British Parliament, and how it affected the british subjects across the Atlantic. While some argue the actions taken by American Patriots were completely radical, one can understand that, while this is truly an unprecedented event, it is also quite justifiable. The 7 Years War caused the British to place levies on its colonies, but failed to do so in a manner that appealedRead MoreImplementation of the Iom Future of Nursing Report Essay1287 Words   |  6 Pagesreform is primarily aimed at decreasing the numbe r of uninsured and underinsured Americans. The landscape of health care is changing and nursing is evolving alongside it. This health care overhaul gives nurses a vital role in leading the reform revolution. With more than three million strong, nursing is the biggest sector of the nation’s health care labor force (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2012). In 2008, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) joined forces

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Road to Revolution - 585 Words

Prior to the American Revolution, Britain controlled the colonies through a system of mercantilism. Many Americans found the system debasing, and they felt kept in a state of adolescence that was never allowed to come of age. It wasn’t until Britain began taxing the colonists after the Seven Years’ War that Americans began to realize what they had to do in order to resolve their problems being forced upon from overseas. The colonists developed a strong sense of their identity and unity as Americans by the eve of the Revolution through coming together to fight for independence from Britain. The colonial identity led to the final split between the colonies and England. Advocating the American Revolution, Edmund Burke, a British political philosopher, believed that there were no characteristics shared by America and England. Separated by a mighty ocean, Burke stated that England could not hope to rule America because of the natural barrier between them (Doc B). This barrier benefited the colonies as their identity grew because England was not able to easily control them. Between 1750 and 1776, Scots-Irish, African, and German immigrants came to America to escape their former lives in hopes of finding a better home. America was a great melting pot – a place where new race of men was blended from all of the different nations according to Hector St. John Crevecoeur (Doc H). Another step in creating the identity of the colonies was in 1775 when the First Continental Congress sentShow MoreRelatedOutline Of The Road Of Revolution 842 Words   |  4 PagesMichael Molzon 9/20/14 American Pageant – Outline Chapter 7 Dr. Urban Chapter 7 – The Road to Revolution I. The Deep Roots of Revolution A. It can be said that the road to American revolution began at the first European footsteps B. Sense of Independence had already arisen dues to the distance between England and America C. Two ideas: i. Republicanism – â€Å"a just society in which all citizens willingly subordinated their private, selfish interests to theRead MoreRevolutions: The Road to Independence Essay877 Words   |  4 PagesRevolution is a significant change of control or authority within a governmental setting. Most Revolutions are caused by political, social, and economic disputes. Consequently, the common matter for the American, French, and Latin America revolutions emerged to gain their own independence. In North America, the colonists put emphasis on their independence from Great Britain and established a new republic. In France, protesters abolished the authority of France and reorganized the French society,Read MoreThe Long Road Of Revolution During Colonial America1368 Words   |  6 Pages The Long Road to Revolution in Colonial America The four major events during the period of 1763-17751 led to the conflict between colonial America and Great Britain are the Stamp Act, Townshend Acts, Tea Act, Continental Congress. First of all, in February 1765, Grenville escalated his revenue program with the stamp act, precipitating a major conflict between Britain and the colonies over Parliament’s right to tax. The Stamp Act imposed a tax on all paper used for official documents —newspapersRead MoreOne Belt One Road : A Large Scale, Profound, And Interrelated Revolution Essay2226 Words   |  9 Pagesâ€Å" One Belt One Road † -- From reshaping economic geography of China to Reshaping Economic Geography of world The essence of One belt one road is building a large-scale, profound, and interrelated revolution of Reshaping Economic Geography. World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography from World Bank s first proposed the idea of a significant development in the 21st century, which based on the new economic geography theory, new trade growth theory, the new theory of economic growthRead MoreTo What Extent Have Socialists Disagreed About the Means of Achieving Socialism?948 Words   |  4 Pagesmeans of achieving socialism? Socialism along with many other ideologies has a vast number of different strands and with a couple of different roads to achieving what is fundamentally socialism. Socialism being the ideology that utilises collectivisation to bring people together and to unite people by their common humanity. The two most obvious roads of socialism would be that of revolutionary socialism and also that of evolutionary socialism. This are taken on by two different types of socialistsRead MoreAnalysis of Chiles Road to Socialism Essay985 Words   |  4 PagesWeavers of Revolution, Peter Winn depicts the relationship from a â€Å"revolution from above† and â€Å"revolution from below† and how the workers of the Yarur textile factory faced an on-going struggle between the working class and the government. Winn focuses his analysis of the Chilean road to socialism around the Yarur textile factory because it is through the modernization and changes of political, economic, and industrial po licies that ultimately led to the workers movement to bring about a revolution. TheRead MoreCauses And Effects Of The Industrial Revolution1649 Words   |  7 PagesThe Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was an extremely significant revolution due to the monumental change into mass production. There were many different causes and outcomes of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution impacted people and industries all around the world, prompting changes in many societies. For example, the Industrial Revolution initiated in Britain, but eventually found its way to America. After this, it impacted many other countries who desired the sameRead MoreWhat Was the Transportation Revolution, Why Was It Needed and What Did It Tie Together876 Words   |  4 PagesThe Transportation Revolution began in the early 1800s as an effort to dramatically improve transportation in America. The Transportation Revolution included greatly improved roads, the development of canals, and the invention of the steamboat and railroad. In 1800, there were only 23 cities with over 100,000 citizens by 1900 there were 135 cities with over 100,000 citizens. There were several type s of cities: cities that focused on the textile industry, cities that produced whiskey and hemp, andRead MoreThe Industrial Revolution Is The Cornerstone Of What Makes America958 Words   |  4 PagesThe Industrial Revolution is the cornerstone of what makes America, the modern America. Even though we label this period of time a revolution, it actually began in Britain. It was a significant movement of advance of the time, but went through many trials and tribulations. At the end of the eighteenth century, England and France both underwent revolutions: France the French Revolution, England the industrial revolution (Sharp 2012). America was able to learn from the Britain and take advantage ofRead MoreImpact Of The Market Revolution On American History1460 Words   |  6 PagesThe Market Revolution was the most fundamental change in American history all because of three very important developments. These developments consisted of transportation, commercialization and industrializat ion. Transportation developed many more ways to get around by roads, canals, steamboats and even railroads. Commercialization began to replace household self-sufficiency with goods that were starting to be produced for a cash market. Industrialization was life changing for all of goods that were

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Goblin Market Free Essays

chrSomone Jackson Mr. Price English 2223 01 28 October 2012 Christina Rossetti’s â€Å"Goblin Market† One of the strongest emotions inherent in humans is desire. Christina Rossetti poem â€Å"Goblin Market† is filled with many suggestive pieces referring to different kinds of fruits that play upon the hidden desire. We will write a custom essay sample on Goblin Market or any similar topic only for you Order Now From exotic fruit to sweet nectars, she has her audience wondering about her true meaning for the fruit. The question to be answers is what are the â€Å"fruits† being offered to the girls? Many people believed that the poem was directed towards being gay or lesbian just by the vivid language Rossetti used in her poem, but in all actuality that theory was far from being right. During the Victorian period, emphasis was put on ladies to be very conservative. Christine Rossetti’s Goblin Market defies the confinements of the Victorian age while romantically critiquing what takes place in the dark outside of the regality of social circles in relation to forbidden sexuality. In the poem ‘fruit† was referenced many times in relations to the goblin men. In a sense the â€Å"fruit† can be related to the old Christian story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit was Eve weakness but was her desire to have it lead to her demise. The context of the fruit in Goblin Market has explicit sexual connotations that lend to an instructive and more importantly, cautioning perspective on sexual activity. From the very first stanza, with its descriptions of luscious fruits for sale in the â€Å"Goblin Market,† some hard to find but summer ripe, one cannot help but read these mouth-watering depictions with sexuality in mind. Examples of this would be â€Å"Plump unpecked cherries† (Rossetti 7) and â€Å"Figs to fill your mouth, Citron from the South, Sweet to tongue and sound to eye;† (Rossetti 28-30). The â€Å"fruit† mention throughout the poem can be linked to the idea of an addiction. Being that the â€Å"fruit† was forbidden â€Å"Their offers should not charm us, / Their evil gifts would harm us† (Rossetti 65-66), once eaten one will become addicted and wanted more. Furthermore, Rossetti did relate her poems to the Victorian period which ncluded women and their drug, alcohol, and prostitution abuse. So in those instances the fruit can be looked upon as the drug, â€Å"She suck’d and suck’d and suck’d the more, Fruits which that unknown orchard bore; She suck’d until her lips were sore;† (Rossetti 134-136). Laura basically indulged the fruit as if it was a temptation so sweet that every ounce of juice had to be savored. Sadly as s oon as she consumed the fruit her addiction set in. Laura wanted more of the â€Å"fruit† but was upset because she could not find anymore, so as a consequence she fell into a deep depression that could possibly lead to her death. Rossetti does make some references to her brother D. G. Rossetti poem â€Å"Jenny†. References made in Christina Rossetti poem were â€Å"Mindful of Jeanie, Give me much and many; Held out her apron, Tossed them her penny. (Rossetti 365-367). â€Å"Goblin Market† shows a lot of her brother Dante’s influence, and references to his poem â€Å"Jenny† several times. Christina likely borrowed the idea of goblins and Jeanie from his poem also. Jenny† is told through the eyes of the man, while the woman in question is asleep, reinforcing the argument that Christina Rossetti meant to illustrate the experience of prostitution from a female’s perspective. To continue to focus on the matter at hand which is the â€Å"fruit† that is being offered to the girls in â €Å"Goblin Market. For one the Victorian period, once stated before, is related to women and prostitution and Rossetti poem played upon that in a fairy tale way. Lesbian acts were taken out of perspective when people read the poem but once Rossetti clarified the intentions of the poem people where more forgiven. Since Laura indulged in the forbidden fruit she did become addicted to it and Lizzie being her sister wanted to get her more fruit so that she will return to her normal state of mind. Just like drugs will make a person do crazy things for it Lizzie did not want to her sister suffer from depression and death. Ultimately Lizzie saved her sister from the bad affects that the fruit brought upon here due to poor decision making and at the end of the story they both grew up and had children of their own. Overall the basic concept of the fruit that is given to the girls is more like a drug. The unspoken lesbian act that many Victorian perceived was way out of context. The fruit symbolized the drug that the prostitute, Laura, wanted to get from the goblin in return all she had was an addiction. Thanks to a strong sisterhood and not anything related to gays, Lizzie was able to break the habit and they both grew old and had their own families. Work Cited Black, Joseph. â€Å"Goblin Market† The Broadview Anthology of British Literature. Concise ed. Volume B. Canada, Ontario. 2007. 810-817. Print. How to cite Goblin Market, Essay examples

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The Process of Recruitment and Challenges Related-Free Samples

Question: Analyze the Process of Recruitment and Challenges Related Strategies? Answer: Introduction To analyze the process of recruitment, the organization which is selected here for this report is named as Telstra. Telstra is identified as one of the most specific organization for discussing the process of recruitment. The aim of the report is to provide specific process associated with the recruitment. In this report, the challenges are also being managed at an initial level. The structure of report mainly consists of the main section which is the recruitment process analysis. The analysis section is further divided into various sub-sections which are named as the steps procedures related to the recruitment, different challenges related to the recruitment, workforce management, and organizational image demographic aspects. The different types of strategies are also defined for providing proper explanation (Telstra, 2017). The simple and structured approach is identified for the methodology. The different data is collected from various sources. After collecting the data, a framed structure is also specified which provide basic aspects related to the recruitment. Recruitment Process Analyses The process of recruitment is identified as one of the most crucial phase of any organization. Selecting the accurate people for a definite profile is also considered as one of the toughest job. The specific issues and procedures related to the Telstra are identified in the report shown below. It is observed that on one hand, Telstra is recruiting with a very fast speed, but on the other hand, issues related to recruitments are also getting very common. So, to explain a definite procedure related to Telstra, the suitable criterion is selected for the discussion. The elaborated approach connected to every point is shown below. Steps and procedures related to the recruitment The steps and procedures related to the recruitment are simple and stable. Through the below steps, it can become possible to manage the actual scenario related to the recruitment. In the initial phase, actual advertisements and human resource management related to the prerequisite of candidates will be identified. The different type of job structure will help in framing vacant position in the organization. The first step is the phone screening in which telephonic conversation is carried out for identifying career goals and objectives. The other points of discussion will be related to the technical qualification and other aspects. After clearing the first round, second round is related to the interviews. The Online Assessments is the second round in which online tests for the candidates are conducted. The candidates are provided with the online test either in the theoretical or in a practical form. After clearing this round, it could become possible to judge the actual caliber related to the candidates. The online assessments may also help in providing specific guidelines for the improvement (Angila Ruskin University, 2012). Personality Questionnaire is the new and innovative method through which different questions can be framed for the candidates. To manage the process of recruitment, it is essential to prepare different set of questionnaire on a definite level. The level of frames questionnaire can be simple to complex. Reference Checks is the procedure by which the candidates who are applying for the post provides accurate reference for the identification. The recruitment team of Telstra will do the cross checking and identify major aspects related to the organization on a wide level. The Background Checks is the procedure through which the past experiences can be checked. The different type of procedures for enquiry will be conducted. To manage enquiry, the employment, residential proof, relevant professional qualification can be checked. It is the procedure by which the documentation and other personal records are checked on a broad level. This inspection is considered as the proof of quality checking. By this quality checking, final procedure related to the joining can be done easily (Fitzgerald Law, 2017). Dispersal of offer letter is the last step through which suitable offer letters are dispersed on the organizational level. All formalities related to the joining are clearly explained to the employees at the time of joining. After clarifying norms, the suitable process related to the recruitment can be managed. Challenges related to the Recruitment As Telstra is identified as one of the iconic organization of telecommunications, so it is essential to select those candidates who are mainly identified on the preference of technical background. The technical handling is the basic requirement for this industry. To recruit such candidates, Telstra is facing various challenges related to the recruitment. Some of the challenges are specified below. In a month, Telstra is getting approximately 15,000 resumes from which they have to select most of the suitable candidates. Selecting the best candidate is considered as the most challenging task. The different strategic aspects and different type of blueprints related to the recruitment are considered on a large scale (Kehinde, 2012). The continuous changes in the strategic point of view for recruiting the candidates are considered as the most important aspects to be identified. Telstra has to prepare new strategy and approaches while recruiting the candidates. The framing of new strategy every time is not possible, so updating on the local and international level is essential which needs to be considered while recruiting the most appropriate candidates (Zinyemba, 2014). The third challenge is identified as the adaptation of new methods. The candidates belong to different platform and working criteria, so it is essential to look forward for the developmental aspects on the new forms. The procedure for the new methods should be slow and static, so that the new candidates can adapt easily (Sullivan, 2013). Managing these challenges on a definite level is considered as the most important task. The different set of strategies are discussed below. These strategies are identified as the solution for the process of improvement. Strategies to face challenges The strategic approach designed for the challenges is considered as one of the most promoting and specific aspect, which helps in providing assistance for solving the issues related to the recruitment. There are various strategies that are planned at an initial level to face the challenges. The employee brand and different type of advertising is considered as one of the opportunity through which challenges related to the recruitment can be managed. Telstra is continuously focusing on the global expansion of products on a wide level. This global expansion needs specific and framed approach related to the recruitment (Pillar, 2015). Apart from this, the advertising is also considered as the most specific method through which new opportunities related to the recruitment can be published. On an organizational level, other strategies to face challenges are defined below. Advertising strategy is one of the most important strategy which assist in an improvement of the organization. The detailed and well-defined advertisement will aid in providing assistance for the process of recruitment on a large scale (Havas People, 2017). Interview Strategy is another firm step towards the strategy, through which challenges related to the recruitment can be solved. The interview strategy mainly helps in planning the strategy in a specific manner, through which issues related to the recruitment can be resolved. Project Management is again considered as the strategy which is remarkable for facing the challenges associated to the recruitment in Telstra. The insufficient timelines, lack of coordination and inappropriate structure for the recruitment are considered as some of the points which needs to be discussed. These all can be solved by applying specific structure related to the project management. Apart from this, there are various planned activities identified which may assist in throwing light on the challenges related to the recruitment. Workforce management Work force management is identified as one of the perspective which plays an important role in the process of recruitment. The workforce includes the labor and supply management related to the organization. In reference to Telstra, the worldwide demand in regards to the telecommunication will directly influence the demand and supply of labor. The individual concept interrelated to demand and supply of labor is essential to be identified (Connel Burgess, 2015). The demand of labor will directly increase, if the demand for the products can be increased. By taking a live example from Telstra, it is considered that the new projects are allotted on the international level. For this international allotment, the requirement of labor will also increase simultaneously. The more expansions of the new services like connections, ASDL and cable plans and definite set of product and services can be done when there will be an increase in the labor. This rise in the requirement of labor will directly increase the process of recruitment in a wide level (Paille, 2015). Apart from this, the demand of supply may also increase from the organizations end. The organization defined specific aspects related to the supply. For an example, the connections related to the ASDL cables are expanding at an international level. This expansion on the organizational level will also increase the supply of products and services. Similar to this, the demand of products and services will directly influence the flow supply for the candidates. Organizational image and Demographic aspects The organizational image of the company is considered as iconic. The contribution of the organization is closely observed in the environmental and social services. This will directly improve the image of the organization on a wide level. The local as well as the global assistance can easily be achieved at an organizational level. For the CSR services and to improve the employability from other backward areas, Telstra continuously approaches with different framework (Trujillo, 2007). In case of managing demographic aspects, the different factors like ageing, lifestyle, living behavior and other aspects are considered on a wide level. The location of the telecommunication subsidiaries will decide the specific aspects related to the recruitment of candidates. The local language and environment linked to the local area will be helpful in promoting the subsidiaries. This point is also considered on priority while deciding the actual scenario related to the recruitment in the organization. In fact, an implementation of the new projects and plans can also be identified by understanding the demographic conditions related to the organization. Conclusion The report shown above is successful in delivering the basic ideas and approaches related to the recruitment in Telstra. By identifying these approaches, some of the basic perspectives are considered on a large level. It is recommended that the process of recruitment should be planned as per the scenario of local environment. On an international level, the IHRM has to be prepared with the specific set of strategies (Dame, 2017). By this, definite and framed approaches can be identified at an initial level. It is also recommended that approach towards the recruitment strategy should also be organized and well-versed. The specific procedure and guidelines should be provided to the candidates at an initial level. This will also help in framing the actual procedure related to the recruitment. The report is successful in defining the basic perspectives in a focused manner. The only consideration is the collection of definite data from the different areas and locations. The data which is i dentified from different location will aid in providing assistance for an improvement in the process. By the help of this, the most organized phase of recruitment can be defined. References Angila Ruskin University. (2012). Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure. Retrieved from Connel, J., Burgess, J. (2015). The challenges of an ageing workforce: an introduction to the workforce management issues. Labour Industry: a journal of the social and economic relations of work, 25(4). Retrieved from Dame, U. o. (2017). Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring. Retrieved from Fitzgerald Law. (2017). Recruitment procedures - seven steps for good procedures. Retrieved from Havas People. (2017). Telstra employer brand: A colourful way to connect with a new corporate brand. Retrieved from Kehinde, O. (2012). Organizational Culture and Its Corporate Image: A Model Juxtaposition. Business and Management Research, 1(1), 1-12. Retrieved from Paille, P. (2015). Environment, Workplace and Employment. IJEWE journal, 4. Retrieved from Pillar, T. (2015, March 19). 8 Challenges Facing The Recruitment Industry in 2015. Retrieved from Sullivan, J. (2013, December 16). The Top 25 Recruiting Trends, Problems and Opportunities. Retrieved from Telstra. (2017). Telstra: Online privacy. Retrieved from Trujillo, S. (2007). A broad band of responsibility: Telstras Corporate Responsibility report. Retrieved from Zinyemba, A. (2014). The Challenges of Recruitment and Selection of Employees. International Journal of Science and Research, 3(1), 1-5. Retrieved from

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Industrial Revolution in Various Sectors of the Economy

Industrial revolution is a gradual development process which led to the transformation of early man’s way of living through sound innovation in various sectors of the economy (Ashton, 1948). Industrial revolution totally transformed not only the way things are done but also the way man operates.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Industrial Revolution in Various Sectors of the Economy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Agrarian revolution changed the lifestyle of humankind. Prior to 18th century, the early man used to survive on hunting and gathering, more often using crude weapons in his day-to-day activities (Eric, 2009). The practice of hunting and gathering was tedious and time consuming as individuals had to cater for their daily needs and those of their immediate families. Industrial revolution totally alienated individuals from their traditional working modes. This has largely transformed the agrarian so ciety in a number of ways. First, there was mitigation of time wastage as persons worked on the fields to produce their products that they were sure of harvesting. This replaced the uncertainty of capturing something to eat, thus enhancing food security. Early man used to cover wide area hunting but with revolution he was able to operate in a small location while increasing his output. This was because of development of enhanced hunting tools which were more effective. Textile manufacturing was in small scale before the revolution; it was termed as cottage industry (Clark, 2007). This mostly was done by individual workers and missing on innovation and division of labor. The mode of transportation could only accommodate the small-scale production since it was not highly developed. With the wave of revolution, textile industry had a massive shift into large-scale production (Clark, 2007). However, at the beginning the working conditions at the ginneries were not human. Dim lighting an d working for long hours were problems that were realized at the early stages. Child labor was also a common issue during this progress. Industrial revolution led to the development of advanced machines, which replaced human activities in many aspects (Eric, 2009).With the help of these machines, production was always on the rise although less labor was in operation. The transformation of labor from man to machine power necessitated other inventions to allow massive transportation of these products to the market.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Bernal (2006) pointed out that spinning jenny and the flying shuttle that were later replaced by spinning mule were the first innovations that transformed the textile industry. Some expertise on the how to run these machines was required, this additional training increased the efficiency hence increased production. These developments changed how work was being done as it accommodated increased number of individuals. It also advocated for division of labor, which enhanced productivity and innovation. Moreover, iron folding and steam power are other 18th century sectors that transformed the agrarian life. The early man through these sectors was able to develop advanced weapons that were used for various purposes (Ashton, 1948). According to Bernal (2006), industrial revolution was a blessing to the early man; this is because the daily dues from wages and salaries outweigh the struggles of hunting and gathering. In addition, working in these firms is dignifying enough as work environment has been greatly improved to make them as favorable as possible. Moreover, the source of food in the industrial generation was more stable as individuals could work more efficiently in one location and produce surplus to help sustain them as well as sell the surplus. References Ashton, T. S. (1948). The industrial revolution (1760-1830). UK: O xford University Press. Bernal, J. D. (2006). Science and industry in the nineteenth century. London: Routledge. Clark, G. (2007). A farewell to alms: a brief economic history of the world. New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Eric, H. (2009).The age of revolution: Europe 1789–1848. United Kingdom: Weidenfeld Nicolson Ltd.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Industrial Revolution in Various Sectors of the Economy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This essay on Industrial Revolution in Various Sectors of the Economy was written and submitted by user Dust to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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10 Fascinating Facts About Dung Beetles

10 Fascinating Facts About Dung Beetles Is there anything cooler than a dung beetle pushing a ball of poo? We think not. But lest you disagree, please consider these 10 fascinating facts about dung beetles. 1. Dung Beetles Eat Poop Dung beetles are coprophagous insects, meaning they eat excrement of other organisms. Although not all dung beetles eat poop exclusively, they all eat feces at some point in their life. Most prefer to feed on herbivore droppings, which are largely undigested plant matter, rather than carnivore waste, which holds very little nutritional value for insects (and really, who could blame them for that preference). Recent research at the University of Nebraska suggests dung beetles may be most attracted to omnivore excrement, since it provides both nutritional value and the right amount of odor to make it easy to find. 2.  Not All Dung Beetles Roll Their Poop When you think of a dung beetle, you probably picture a beetle pushing a ball of poop along the ground. But some dung beetles don’t bother rolling neat little dung balls at all. Instead, these coprophages stay close to their fecal finds. Aphodian dung beetles (subfamily Aphodiinae) simply live within the dung they find, often cow patties, rather than investing energy in moving it. The earth-boring dung beetles (family Geotrupidae) typically tunnel below the dung pile, making a burrow which can then be easily provisioned with poop. 3. Dung Beetles Provision Their Nests With Poop for Their Offspring When dung beetles do carry or roll the dung away, they do so primarily to feed their young. Dung beetle nests are provisioned with poop, and the female usually deposits each individual egg in its own tiny dung sausage. When the larvae emerge, they are well-supplied with food, enabling them to complete their development within the safe environment of the nest. 4. Many Dung Beetles Are Good Parents Dung beetles are one of the few groups of insects that exhibit parental care for their young. In most cases, child rearing responsibilities fall on the mother (surprise!), who constructs the nest and provisions it with food for her young. But in certain species, both parents share child care duties to some degree. In the Copris and Ontophagus dung beetles, the male and female work together to dig their nests. Certain Cephalodesmius dung beetles even mate for life. 5. Most Dung Beetles Are Particular About the Poop They’ll Eat For most dung beetles, not just any poop will do. Many dung beetles specialize on the dung of particular animals, or types of animals, and simply will not touch the poo of other critters. Australians learned this lesson the hard way, when the outback was nearly buried in cattle dung. Two hundred years ago, settlers introduced horses, sheep, and cattle to Australia, all grazing animals that were new to the native dung beetles. The Australian dung beetles were raised on poop from Down Under, like kangaroo poo, and refused to clean up after the exotic newcomers. Around 1960, Australia imported exotic dung beetles that were adapted to eating cattle dung, and things got back to normal. Phew. 6. Dung Beetles Are Really Good at Finding Poop When it comes to poop, the fresher the better (at least from the dung beetles perspective). Once a dung patty has dried out, it’s less palatable to even the most dedicated poop eater. So dung beetles move quickly when an herbivore drops a gift in the pasture. One scientist observed 4,000 dung beetles on a fresh pile of elephant scat within 15 minutes after it hit the ground, and shortly thereafter, they were joined by an additional 12,000 dung beetles. With that kind of competition, you have to move quick if you’re a dung beetle. 7. Dung Beetles Navigate Using the Milky Way With so many dung beetles vying for the same pile of poop, a beetle needs to make a quick getaway once he’s rolled his dung ball. But it’s not easy to roll a ball of poop in a straight line, especially when you’re pushing your ball from behind using your hind legs. So the first thing the dung beetle does is climb atop his sphere and orient himself. Scientists had long observed dung beetles dancing on their poo balls, and suspected they were looking for cues to help them navigate. New research confirmed that at least one species of African dung beetle, Scarabaeus satyrus, uses the Milky Way as a guide to steering its dung ball home. The researchers placed tiny hats on the dung beetles, effectively blocking their view of the heavens, and found the dung beetles could only wander aimlessly without being able to see the stars. 8. Dung Beetles Use Their Poop Balls to Cool Off Have you ever walked barefoot across a sandy beach on a scorching hot summer day? If so, you probably did your share of hopping, skipping, and running to avoid painful burns to your feet. Since dung beetles often live in similarly hot, sunny places, scientists wondered if they, too, worried about burning their tootsies. A recent study showed that dung beetles use their dung balls to cool off. Around noon, when the sun is at its peak, dung beetles will routinely climb atop their dung balls to give their feet a break from the hot ground. The scientists tried putting tiny, silicone booties on the dung beetles, and they discovered the beetles wearing shoes would take fewer breaks and push their dung balls longer than the beetles that were barefoot. Thermal imaging also showed that the dung balls were measurably cooler than the surrounding environment, probably because of their moisture content. 9. Some Dung Beetles Are Surprisingly Strong Even a small ball of fresh dung can be hefty to push, weighing 50 times the weight of the determined dung beetle. Male dung beetles need exceptional strength, not just for pushing dung balls but also for fending off male competitors. The individual strength record goes to a male Onthphagus taurus dung beetle, which pulled a load equivalent to 1,141 times its own body weight. How does this compare to human feats of strength? This would be like a 150 lb. person pulling 80 tons! 10. Millions of Years Ago, Ancient Dung Beetles Cleaned up After Prehistoric Giants Because they lack bones, insects rarely show up in the fossil record. But we do know that dung beetles existed around 30 million years ago, because paleontologists have found fossilized dung balls the size of tennis balls from that time period. Prehistoric dung beetles collected the poop of South America’s megafauna: car-sized armadillos, sloths taller than modern houses, and a peculiar long-necked herbivore called Macrauchenia.

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Forget about Copywriting in Advertisements Essay

Forget about Copywriting in Advertisements - Essay Example The present competitive environment is characterized by numerous market players trying to capture the same market segment. Bargaining power of consumers is on the high and hence it has become a very important issue among the managers to create a distinction and have an edge in the market (Chew & Gottschalk, 2009, p.57)). Companies are spending billions to analyze the demands of the customers and undertaking continuous research and development to market products that satisfies the ever changing needs of the consumers. In this regard marketers also banking upon advertising as a medium to communicate to the target market audience (Pringle & Marshall, 2012, p.16). This assumes importance as in the present age of competition it is very necessary to remain in close contact with the customers and also have channels that can help marketers communicate with the customers (Rich, 2009, p.218). Huge volumes of resources and time are being spent on creating advertisements that are innovative so a s to ensure that the intended message reaches out to the consumers. Extensive market research is being carried out to ensure that the advertisements are creative and that individuals take time to view these advertisements and that the intended message reaches out to the target market audience (Yeshin, 2005, p.215-216). However with all the organization placing numerous advertisements it has been found that customers are getting annoyed and irritated by the number of such advertisements that they are being flooded everyday. Customer’s everyday is bombarded with mails, messages as well as advertisements on television and print media that are confusing them and as a result they are largely ignoring these advertisements (Kenworthy & Rodrigues, 2007, p.141). This has made it very essential to not only generate innovative means of advertising but also ensure that the advertisements are popular and acceptable by the audience. The question of ethics also comes into play in this regar d with many marketers indulging in unethical means to ensure viewership of advertisements (Lee & Johnson, 2005, p.174). Hence it has been a critical aspect for marketers to undertake strategies in this regard so as to ensure that advertisements are effective and that the intended message reaches out to the customers in an effective manner that generates value or the customers as well as the organization. The aspect of proper advertising also implies copyrights with various companies trying to outpace each other by copying or mimicking the advertisements of their competitors. Governments across nations are also putting legislative regulation on marketing advertisements so as to ensure fair competition in the market (Buskop, 2008, p.120). The present study would specifically analyze the aspect of advertisements that would include analyzing the aspect of creating innovations in advertisements and promotions and also to ensure that customers view the advertisements and the correct messa ge reaches out to the target market segments so as to help a company stay ahead of the competition in the market and generate innovations. Importance of Art of Copywriting The art of Copywriting is as important as ever, no matter how much the advertising world has changed. There has always been a need for copywriters because of the fact that copywriting provides a